Saturday, September 22, 2007

Soccer weekend...

Miles finished his holter today and we dropped it off with the valet - yes, the valet - they have a 'box' they said. Anyway, I have some great pictures from the last few days...

Suggs 9/21/07

Miles and Riley both had their first soccer games today. They were awesome! Miles played a bit and got worn out before half time, or right at the half. The shirt came off and he was ready to come home. It was nice today but the sun was really hot!

soccer fun

The cutest thing in the world is to hear my boy say his own name! We have tried for so long to get him to say "Miles" and I just love hearing it! Now we have to work on Vincent...his middle name.


I will let you all know about the holter results when we get them. I am pretty sure they will be fine! No pukes or falling down all day. He was quite sweaty for most of the experience but that is normal Miles.

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos - I hope you get great results from the monitor.