Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just where in the world have you been Missy!?

Let's see, where to start. There were 2 tax deadlines and that says alot about why I have not been online. (the 112 unread emails in my inbox does too - down from 146, btw). Sean spent a week in San Diego, a week 'going it' on my own. All in all, I would call it a success (everyone lived, including me).

Miles has been a bit of a puzzle lately. He has had a cough now for 5 weeks, well approaching 5 weeks (it started Sept 22). We went to the docs to check it out. It was fine, just a cough, no biggie. Then, on Oct 3rd, his MRI was rescheduled because a 'team' of anesthesiologists were nervous about the cough. We decided that if they were nervous, maybe we should be too. Went back to the docs. This time we left with an antibiotic, just in case. After 10 days of the meds, no change. I called last week to give the 'State of Miles' to the nurse. She says come in and get it checked. So we go have a chest x-ray on Thursday and see her on Friday of last week. X-ray is super! The decision is reflux (again) is causing the cough. So, through the weekend we experience more coughing and puking even after being on prevacid and sucralfate. Then on Monday night, more puking. This morning more still. This time it is a lovely shade of yellow and he has a fever. And he has had some loose stools. to the peds. Ear infection is the verdict today - along with what ever is causing this cough. More antibiotics. Hopefully this one won't turn into pneumonia like the last ear infection he had.

New Diet...

Another piece of this puzzle is the new diet Mr. Miles is on. Low fat, low to no sugar, only whole grains, no butter or margarine for that matter, only skim milk, way more vegetables and something else I am forgetting. pop tart, waffle and bread loving son is not a fan. It has not been that bumpy but he would still prefer to just eat bread covered in syrup. "Mo Wa-Wa now" (that is - more waffles now). What prompted the diet was me. I asked why nothing works. What I mean is this...without his erythromiacin and miralax there is only puking. There is no digesting and no pooping without these meds. That is all well and good that the meds work but what is wrong that it just doesn't work?? Plus, the miralax only works part of the time. They say you cannot build up a tolerance to it but he has it everyday but it only works maybe 4 out of the 7 days in the week (this week excluded of course). And he still pukes even with the erythromiacin. And what he pukes usually isn't digested or even broken down...sometimes like he swallowed it whole. *TMI, sorry* So we are seeking a 2nd opinion. Just because these issues don't seem to be getting better, in fact they seem to be getting worse. I don't think just giving him meds is the way to go. How about we figure out what is causing this and try to fix it?? (pardon my sarcasm).

*All kidding aside* I have lost 20 pounds!!! Yes, that is what I said - 20!!!! Okay, so I have done it with the aid of drugs (phentermine) but so - I look good :) Plus, a little amphetamine never hurt anybody. Okay, well anybody I know...except all those drug addicts that I would see when I worked for the probation department. Okay, well anybody I know personally, that is better :)

On the Horizon for Mr. Miles....

Oct 30 ENT....Nov 3 MRI (2nd try) and follow up with pediatrician...Dec 4 GI (2nd opinion). There is an almost whole month without any scheduled appointments!!!

Hope you all have an uneventful week! :) Oh yeah, say extra prayers for my sister (Hi Kat!) her husband just left for Iraq and she is in Alaska with her three (wonderful) kiddos. So very far from home and family (both her and her husband).

Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Please sign and mail your return on or before October 16, 2006"

I have heard the cries and so I am here. Things have been well here at the Suggs' house.

I have worked my tail off lately!! Anybody file an extension on their taxes in April? Well, you are the reason I have had to work so hard this past week!! I worked at least 10 - 12 hours a day! Holy crap, were we busy and we still have tomorrow to go. But I like the time and a half for overtime so no real complaining here :)

While I was super busy, Sean was in San Diego on business (lucky!). He went to become certified in some computer program or two. He could walk to the beach on his lunch break!!
Plus, my parents spent the last week in the Bahamas!! I think it might be my turn for a vacation :) Anybody got any ideas???

I am watching a movie and trying to type this...better pick one...gotta go...

Watching "The Station Agent" btw...