Saturday, January 12, 2008

no post since thanksgiving?

What is wrong with me? Well, things have been freaking insane here to put it mildly :) Lets see...the abbreviated version or the super duper long version??

How about the highlights...

Me and the boys went to Kentucky for Christmas - which was awesome until Miles had a really bad seizure that lasted a little over an hour. He had to be in the hospital for 4 days. They had to intubate him after his airway collapsed from all the drugs they gave him to get the seizure to stop. Then they paralyzed him because he was still seizing and fighting the vent. Then we were flown by helicopter to the children's hospital in Louisville. We will see the neurologist in Houston on Jan 29th and Cardiology wants to see him on Feb 5th. During the seizure he was a deep blue color but breathing just fine - well, until the meds collapsed his airway - but until then he was breathing well. his hr went up over 200, pulse ox was barely 80% on 3liters of oxygen and his bp was super low (very scary!) The current super scary thought is that maybe his heart triggered the seizure. yikes!

I will have to post cool pics of the snow we saw!

We ended up flying home and leaving our car there and my mom is graciously driving it down here this weekend.

Also, me and my husband have decided to divorce. We have to file still but it is certainly going to happen. We are working together very amicably to do what is best for our kiddos. I think we actually will keep the house we rent and then rent an apartment. The kids will stay in the house and mom and dad will switch out when it is our week. Does that make sense? Pretty strange I know but it feels like a good way to keep it stable for the kids and to 'ease' into the divorce. It has been hard coming to this decision but it is what is best for everybody.

Other than that, we are great! (can you hear the sarcasm?) Really, we are okay. We are both looking forward to moving on and starting over. It is pretty strange how okay we both are with it but it is good.

Later everybody...I will try to not stay away so long next time!