Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dishwashers Rock!!!

I want to tell the short version of the back story without confusing anyone...So, here goes. I used to work as an investigator for the local Probation Department. It was a very cool job, but didn't pay well. I left there and went to work for Administaff. (I will put their name so that you know the company that doesn't value people!!!) Shortly after I started there I found out I was pregnant with Miles. I say shortly, but it was really after the first interview and before the second. I tried to hide it for a while but this being my 5th pregnancy, I showed pretty quickly. I told my boss after I had been there for about a month. About 1 week after this, I was put on probation (ironic huh, leave probation only to be put on probation) for my sales being low (I was a telemarketer...hey it paid well). I tried everything to get my sales up...everything! The quota was 3/day and I was at something like 2.5/day. They kept me on probation alot longer than they should and then fired me when I was about 5.5 months along (bastards!), just after Christmas. The guy who did it (it was his first time) gave a $100 American Express gift check because he felt so bad.

Anyway, so here I am unemployed and pregnant with a mortgage. Of course my husband was working his butt off and I was getting unemployment. But it wasn't enough. We put our house on the market. It sat there FOREVER and didn't sell. The only offer we got was for us to finance 50% for well under our asking price. We lost our house in December 2004 after Miles was born. (as I am sure you can understand, our focus totally changed once he arrived) We moved out of it just before he was born though. I couldn't see moving after we had the baby so we found an apartment that looked like it was the "perfect" size (when it was empty). Once we got all of our stuff in there...MAN was that place small! Plus, half of our stuff was in storage. BUT, it was really cheap and allowed us to recover and allowed me to stay home with Miles and Riley so no daycare costs. It also allowed me to be free to take Miles to a million doctor visits and to stay with him while in the hospital for the 10 weeks he was in the first year.

Moving right along...We were so sick of that tiny place by the end of our lease. Plus, I had gone back to work so we had more money (back at the probation department...this time as a secretary). So, we found a house to rent. COOL! A yard, a garage...all the good stuff. BUT NO DISHWASHER!!! That is cool, I can handle it, I will just wash them myself! Well I was the youngest of three...I was the "put away" girl! Chris was wash, Katie was dry, and I was put away. I never had to wash dishes! Plus, by the time that I was the one who would be washing, my parents bought a dishwasher. I hate to wash dishes and usually look at the sink full and say, "I will get it tomorrow." But you can't do that because tomorrow, there will be more! and tomorrow and tomorrow....

Well, while my parents were in town my mom and I made a run to the grocery store. We passed a yard sale and I thought I saw a dishwasher for sale. It is not my house, I can't install appliances so why stop right? My mom says, just stop and ask about it. I say, nah, I don't feel like negotiating a price. She says, I'll do it, what is your limit? (I am really cheap) I say, "$15" She says, okay. We stop, I only have a $20 so my limit changes to $20. Would you believe it is a portable dishwasher! You roll it up to your sink and hook it to the spicket!!!! My mom the negotiator says, will you take $15. The lady says, I will take $20!!! (kismet!) So after a year of washing my dishes myself, I am now the proud owner a fine used portable dishwasher!!! Best 20 bucks I ever spent! Now all I have to find is a removable garbage disposal!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Family was in Town

So, here is me and my folks. They were in town this week for a visit. We had lots of fun and the kids love their granny and papa. It was a little hot to do things outside but I think everyone had a good time anyway. This was outside of Denny's this morning.

Miles bears a striking resemblance to my dad. We have been calling him (Miles) his mini-clone.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

The story of miles - part 1

becky has placed a great article on the tChin website with a brief history of miles to date

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cheeto Fingers

Just a warning...this is going to be a little gross...

I went to the ENT today. They said that they needed to do a little procedure to drain my sinuses. I asked the nurse ahead of time if it would hurt, do I need someone to drive me, can I go back to work??? She assured me that it was "No Big Deal, they just spray some stuff in your nose, that's all." Well let me tell you that it was a big deal, and they don't just spray stuff in your nose! First he sprayed what smelled like Nickelodeon Gak in my nose. Then he put a needle into each nostril and gave me a shot of some numbing meds, that stung! Then the took a pokey thing, um...a drill maybe...or a screwdriver...and stuck that in my nose. He then started to twist it into my sinus!! I said, "Wow, this is more than I expected!" (ya think!) When he broke through into my sinus cavity it was like when you just break through the drywall in the living room, the poking thing slid through into a hollow area (my brain, I can only assume). Then, yes there is more, he attached a syringe to it and pushed fluid into my sinus and it drained out into a bowl I was holding. Aren't I painting a lovely picture? He did the same to the other side. However, when he started that side, the numbing meds had worn off so I had to get another shot. THEN I had to get a shot of steroids in each hip. Got a new prescription for a nose spray (like I want anything else in there) and have to continue on my antibiotic and sinus flush at home.

Not only was that a big deal to me, but my face hurts! It feels like I had major dental work jaw feels tight and my teeth hurt. Plus I have a headache. I have to follow up next week to make sure we don't have to do it again!!! Again! Are you kidding me? He did say that if it isn't gone then a CT scan would be next.

On to a lighter note...I hope everyone had a happy 4th. Ours was pretty simple. Sean BBQ'd some brisket that was fabulous and we spent a great day at home. Sean & Riley went to see fireworks while Miles and I stayed home to avoid the crowds and mosquitoes. Miles and I played Hullabaloo which was really fun since he doesn't know his shapes or colors. He just stood where ever he wanted. He did do the silly walks like when it says "Fly to...a yellow" He would flap his little arms. OR "Spin to...a square" He would spin around right where he was. I have to say that was much better than any fireworks show. I just love the special time with my boys! They love their Daddy so much (and why wouldn't they) and want to play with him more than they want to play with me. But when I finally talk them into playing with me we have so much fun!

Talk to you next time!


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hello Family! We created this blog as a fun way to keep you informed about our kids and family. So the latest update is this...

Riley is great, has a Pre-K field trip tomorrow to pump it up. Miles is doing very well. He has a speech re-evaluation on Thursday. Sean...great. He is an awesome dad :) And a level 32... Me...just fine. I am still getting over sinuses are swollen shut (yuck). The 5 medicines that I am on are sort of working. I go on thursday to see if they need to surgically drain them. We are going on 5 weeks of this. Jake (the cat), as crazy as ever. He hasn't bitten me lately, in fact he has been the exact oposite. Very loving...he is plotting something I know it!

My Dad is doing well, (right Dad!?). He follows up at the doc tomorrow.

I am glad that our lives are not that eventful right now. As you all know, it can get pretty hectic here at the Suggs house!! Hopefully not for a long time.

Love to all,

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