Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cyclic Vomiting...sounds fun huh?

I just watched him take his Captopril all by himself!!! What a big kid he is becoming!

Okay, on to the update...

Miles saw the gastro doc today. He said a few that he thinks Miles may have something called 'Cyclic vomiting' which means that there is something neurological that causes him to puke so much. OR that he might have epilepsy. He said we will wait and see what the EEG results (which by the way is Oct. 3rd) say and go from there. He said there are two meds that can be used to treat cyclic vomiting - both of their names are escaping me right now. One is an antidepressant that controls the vomiting part of the brain (if that makes sense - I just got an image of a little brain vomiting...) and the other controls it in some other way that I can't remember. It is getting late. The other thing that Dr. Krishna said was that even though Miles has only gained 600 grams since May that that is okay. And...drum roll...He has grown a centimeter!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! 91cm (91.7 by the measuring device there!!!) Maybe he has decided that it is okay to grow...

and the third thing he said (and fourth) was that he could feel Miles spleen again :( He could just feel the tip and from Dr. T said before that is about 5 times normal size. Then he listened to Miles heart and said, oddly - "When is he scheduled for his next surgery?" (TWO yrs from now is what I wanted to say!!) I said, He's not scheduled right now - his PV regurgitation is severe and he still has his fenestration... He says...'Oh, that is what i hear then'

All you heart moms know how I am feeling right now right? Does it sound different to you Dr. Krishna? If it does, do we need someone else to look at it/listen to it? Does it sound louder? Or quieter? Or just different? What did you think you heard? I am so full of questions for him really...BUT...he is the GI doc, not the heart doc. He saw Miles three months ago - can he really remember what his heart sounds like??? (the answer is NO, for my sake...)

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