Saturday, October 13, 2007

Never a Dull Moment at the Suggs' House

So we got the results of the EEG but are waiting to talk to Neurology to get some answers so we know what the results mean. We have an appointment on Wednesday of next week - the 17th - with the nurse practitioner. (an MD wasn't available until Nov. 1) After we have this appointment we will hopefully have some answers and then I can spill the beans.

This week has been fun, well not really unless you are into kidney stones. Tuesday night Sean comes home from work and said his stomach hurt which is pretty common given his GERD and such. Then he says he can't stand up and he has a fever of 101.7. The pharmacy recommends pepto so he takes some of that. He is literally shaking from the chills and hot to the touch. While he is hanging out on the couch and I am checking my email I start to feel a familiar pain. I think - oh, I know what this is...kidney stone...ouch! So I go potty a couple of times and out it comes, it was a small one (only 2mm). Whew, all is better! Off to bed for me and Sean sleeps on the couch.

The next morning I take the kids to school and Sean stays home. He said he didn't get off of the couch even once and didn't even turn the TV on, he felt so bad! I called, he didn't answer. A friend at work asked how he was doing and I said "He is probably dead on the couch, he won't answer the phone" But he said he was in too much pain. When I got home from work he said take me to the hospital. So I did. We got right back in a room which is amazing! They took some blood and urine and we watched Family Guy (it seems the only time we get to see this show we are in the hospital! It is the only good part!). So the results come back - he has a severe kidney to Cat Scan. He's got 2 kidney stones! They gave him some good drugs and sent us home after midnight. (the next day I worked 12 hrs after only 4hrs of not used to that!) He saw the urologist on Friday and he thinks Sean passed a stone on Wednesday. So one down two to go!

Things calmed down after that. So now Sean has two kidney stones in his right kidney and I have 'several' in my left...but none on the right, well not anymore :)

The boys are doing great pukes this week at all for Miles!!! Thank God!

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