Monday, October 20, 2008

sorry it has been so long...

So lets see...the liver panel was normal, no cause for alarm. We went to see neuro at TCH and they said that he is indeed allergic to the diastat and the ativan and to NOT give it to him. We are to call 911 when he has a seizure and refuse ativan when the EMTs show up, refuse it again at the ER and demand fosfenytoin right away. He raised his trileptal once again - he is now up to 960mg/day! wow! however! Since he has started to take the higher dose he has done sooo well! He has started in public pre-k, which is neat. He is pretty darn smart so the public preschool for children with disabilities was a little scary for me - I was concerned about putting him with kids below his intellectual level. However, this is an inclusion program so he spends a good part of his day with the kindergarten class and with the regular pre-k class which is great!

My dad had his surgery for the cancer. I could write all night on how things went but the short version is this:
The cancer was too close to his broncial tubes so they took all of his right lung. The left lung has emphysema and COPD, he got pnuemonia too. His lung collapsed, he had to be put on the vent. He had multiorgan disfunction and sepsis. The nurses were preparing us to have to pull the plug - they just didn't think he would be able to come off the vent with just the one very sick lung. He had to get a trach after he failed the attempt to come off the vent (his bpm went up to 59!). After the trach surgery he coded and had to be given CPR. They have slowly woken him up (after 3 weeks of being out!) and he is now in Kindred hospital (inside Jewish Hospital in Louisville) sitting up and using a speaking valve to talk - after coding just a little shy of 2 wks ago! he will be in the hospital for a while still doing rehab - physical and pulmonary. I was there for 3 weeks and it was stressful to say the least - however, I really did enjoy the time I spent with my family. My sisters are the best! My mom has really been holding up great! 39 yrs of marriage and to come that close to loosing him, wow!

I miss Kentucky! I miss my home!

Riley is doing really well in first grade - has lost two teeth and is getting taller. He is pretty stinkin' smart and does really well in school. He read a 15 chapter book the other day (in one day), blows me away!

Thanks for all the prayers!