Monday, July 23, 2007

Please pray for...

This little guy needs lots of prayer.

Overdue update...

I have not posted since May. I started a carepage for here to see it. I have been better at updating that. My family requested an email when I updated...

Here are some recent pictures. Everyone is doing very very well. Miles did stop growing and we are awaiting the test results from the endocrinologist as I type this. They are testing for a thyroid problem, growth hormone deficiency and/or Celiac disease. I am hoping that they find nothing - those all suck! I will update with the results when we get them. Both boys have a dentist appointment this week, that should be fun! (ha!) We practiced dentist tonight so that should help. I am a big fan of practice.

We do have some big news that I have not posted on the carepage yet - you get the first peek at it! Miles has been potty training this week and last! He is doing very very well!!!! He has a hard time with public potties but is doing beautifully here at home! He is singing behind me - "This is the day...This is the day...that the Lord hath made..." I love it!!

Here is a conversation between Riley and myself from last week:

Riley: "Mommy, Alex (a heart friend of ours) saw Miles' bald spot."

Mommy: "That is okay, no big deal" Riley: "Does Alex have a bald spot?"

Mommy: "Nope." Riley: "How did Miles get his?" Mommy: "After Miles' surgery he got a big sore on his head and the hair fell out."

Riley: "Do I have a bald spot?" Mommy: "Nope." Riley: "Did I have surgery when I was a baby?" Mommy: "No. Remember Miles was missing a piece of his heart so he had surgery to put the missing piece in..."

Riley: "The cow piece right?" Mommy: "Yes, the cow piece."

Riley (with a grin): "Mommy...Miles is a...Cow Boy."

Priceless!!!! I love it!

Miles quote - we were talking about how someone was 'just' like him

"No one is no one like me!" (you got that right mister!)