Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Doh Hop!"

This is a very special post just for Aunt Christy!!!

Sean's whole family went to TCU (Go Frogs!). His mom, his dad, his sister (Christy), his uncles Bobby and Collins, his cousins....and so on. Very purple family! Although Sean went to the Art Institute, we root for the Horned Frogs too. I think we would be exiled from the family if we didn't!

One of the first things that both of my children have now learned to say is "Go Frogs!" Riley would say it and even do the hand 'frog' thing, and now Miles just said it on Sunday. TCU was playing football and Sean said "Go Frogs!" so in turn on his own Miles said, "Doh Hop!" We had to call Aunt Christy and tell her right away! Now he says it everyday.

We love you Aunt Christy! :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Uneventful Weekend

Sometimes you just have to say...nothing is going on here. We have had a great weekend! Saturday we laid around the house until lunch time, then we packed up our swimming gear and went to a friends house to swim and eat dinner. Ms. Thuy made mac & cheese with tater tots for the kiddos, jello for dessert & she made pasta with Shrimp and pesto sauce for the grown ups. We had a great time and we just fell in love with their beautiful new home and community. Thanks Phi & Thuy for having us over :)

Sunday, we were a little late for church. Well, not late for the service but late for the congregational meeting before the service. See, Sean and I are deacons at out church, First Colony Christian Church in Sugar Land, TX. Since the congregation was to vote on our new budget, we should have been there on time (oops!). Anyway, budget didn't pass so there will be another meeting on Monday. On to the rest of the day...My friend Jan (Hi Jan!) called and said she was babysitting a beautiful little girl named Emma and wanted to come play. So we went to Memorial park and threw a football (Emma wasn't very good at throwing the football, she is 1 yr old...but she helped me see how big Miles is) and put the kids in the swings. I just love to get outside and get some exercise!!! That was fun. Every time Miles got the ball he would just chunk it behind him. You'd say, Miles throw me the ball! He'd say, No and throw it the other way! Silly kid!!!

Monday started off with us laying around in our jammies!!! (awesome) Then while Sean fired up the grill for his famous hamburgers, me and the kids went in the backyard to kick the soccer ball around. Miles did the same thing this day. "Miles, kick the ball to Mommy." "No." Then he would pick the ball up, run half way across the yard and throw the ball into the bouginvia, which is very thorny. Silly kid, but it was fun to chase the kids everywhere. So we had a good lazy lunch. In the evening we went to the park again, this time to wear the kids out :) We threw the frisbee and football. Then climbed on the playground until everyone was exhausted. We had loads of fun and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend with my boys! I am feeling very blessed these days!

btw...Riley had a fever tonight, 101.4, plus his tummy hurt and he had a headache. I hope he feels better tomorrow! We have got to get the sickness out of our house!!! It feels like these boys are just sick all the time! Miles woke up this morning with a barky cough! Tonight it sounds better but each cough has been followed up by a sneeze. And would you believe that the Cardiologist STILL has not called me back from the blue legs!!!! (I am a little ticked, he is really cute and all but not so cute that I won't find a new one! Well, he is really cute...I could let this one thing slide...)