Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Day of School...

Riley had his first day of school last week. He is such a big kid! He loved it and was sad when I came to pick him up. I am glad he doesn't have separation anxiety but I wanted him to be happy to see, even if just a little bit. He has had lots of fun! His favorite part is after care but his favorite part of the day before after care is recess...what a normal kid he is :) He has made a friend - Isaiah. I am glad he is making friends. We have the open house next week so we get to talk to the teacher a little more

Miles started Pre-K yesterday. Dad was concerned that there would be lots of screaming and crying. When they got there Miles ran into the gym and starting kicking balls and riding bikes. Sean walked out for just a sec to write a check, came back and he was gone! He was already off with the teacher going potty. He had a great day! He liked it alot and was sad to go home. When I got there he said, "Mommy!" ran to me and said with a frown, "I didn't want you, where is Daddy?" I know I am not the favorite but come on! :) He ate like a champ (I knew he would) and had no potty accidents. All in all it was a great day!

Miles' EEG will be Oct 3rd. I have to keep him up late and wake him up early - that should be fun. Today we will go to the Gastroenterologist. Last time we went he was unhappy with Miles' digestive system (I am sure Miles isn't too happy with it either). He said that if things hadn't improved then we would be doing another gastric emptying scan (it would be his third). I am not sure if things have improved...bad mommy! I know he has had some poops-pukes and some regular pukes but not alot. He hasn't brought up much undigested food which is good and could be an improvement. He is also potty trained now which is HUGE! Hopefully we can put off the emptying scan, he probably doesn't need anymore nuclear medicine :)

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Sarah said...

We too started preschool a couple of weeks ago although, Evan is not doing as well as Miles. He is crying and so sad - he says he loves school just misses me - it's so hard - pray for me. Glad to hear the boy's are doing so well and hope the scan show's good results.