Monday, March 26, 2007

Practice Echo...

Miles' heart check up is on April 3rd. It feels like we have been waiting for it forever! His last echo was November 2005!!!! Can you believe it? We went in April 2006 because he started to crack when you pick him up but the pc thought he looked so good we could wait a whole year to come back. So now we are approaching 18 months without an echo. I am a little worried, just like any mom would be (especially us heart moms, we get trophies for worry we are so good at it). So tonight we did some fun things. We practiced an echo and an EKG. It's My Heart had a child life specialist come and talk at our monthly meeting last month about testing and blood draws and that sort of thing.

We brought home EKG stickers, lubricant, heart monitor stickers, band aids, and a WONDERFUL doll called a shadow buddie. It is a doll with a scar on his chest and a scar on his heart. He even looks like Miles, except this one has blue eyes but has the red curly hair - he is perfect! We like him alot! Miles even sleeps with him. Well tonight his buddie had an echo (or a goo test) and a sticker test (EKG). Riley helped. He let Miles use the roll on deoderant (ultrasound probe aka camera) to take his picture. Then Miles let Riley take his picture. Then we put stickers on and practiced FREEZE! 1 2 3 4 5...They did great! Miles didn't really freeze completely but good enough for an EKG. He didn't scream when we took the stickers off (didn't do anything really). SO, SO proud of them!!! We are going to practice again before the appointment and hopefully we will do okay. This is the first unsedated echo - I have heard horror stories about how it could go. His appointment is at 9am - I could just bring him hungry - just in case.