Friday, September 07, 2007

New developments?

Talked to the doctor yesterday. She said to call cardiology today. So I called Dr. Justino and he is off on Friday's so he will call me back on Monday. I then talked to the *new* pediatrician Dr. Propst - would you believe this is the first time I have talked to her? She was very nice. She agreed that I should call Cardiology. About the spleen she said to look out for any unexplained fever or rash which I will. There hasn't been anything so far.

I am, however, a little freaked out right now...When I picked Miles up from preschool the teacher said that this morning he did the following...After 15 minutes of play time outside he was very sweaty and clammy. She took him inside, he said he was tired. He sat for a few minutes and then tried to stand up and couldn't. She said he fell down and then he tried again and he still couldn't stand up. She said she didn't call me because his color looked good. She checked his fingernails, toes, etc. but color looked good so no call. She said he rested for 'a while' and then was very hungry. She said he ate more today than any of the other days he has been there. I am not upset that she didn't call - absent the comments from the gastro this behavior would not be that out of the ordinary for Miles. Well a little out of the ordinary but would be okay if it was an isolated incident.

He seemed okay when I went to get him, aside from red circles under his eyes. He was hopping and playing and running and still is. He has been incredibly thirsty. I called the pediatrician again, just to make sure. They just called and said to watch him and if he does it again then...the phone got cut off!!!!!!! ARGH!!! How frustrating! It is after hours and I only get the recording. My guess is that if he does it again to go in tomorrow - they have office hours on Saturday.

They just called back - the doc wants to see him tomorrow morning at 9am. Off to make dinner...

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