Thursday, July 24, 2008

A little kink in the plans...

Okay so Mr. Can't Ever Do Anything by the Book is being admitted this evening for observation. He was doing great (and mostly still is) but at around 5:30 or so his face swelled up, he had jugular distension, and was very flushed. He was also very, very asleep when just shortly before he was eating and talking. The chest x-ray shows a little collapse of the upper lobe of his right lung - AHHH so this is why his sats are low! They are fairly certain he has had an allergic reaction to something but we don't know what and don't want to risk him having the reaction again once we get home so we will stay. 15 Tower is full so we will stay in the cath lab recovery room overnight. His is not a happy boy but Bammy and Bampa brought toys so he is happy with that.

Just before I came to update he was very insistent that he have some chocolate! Very cute, so I gave him a little bit - hope the docs don't mind.

We have seen so many kids come in, recover, and go home...but, this is his usual MO. After an echo in the morning we should be good to go!

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Mina said...

An overnight stay doesn't sound too bad. With the myriad of things that can go wrong, it's probably better that the docs aren't in a hurry to send him home. Hopefully he'll be his happy, energetic self by the morning.

Tomorrow is our turn, Bilal's day surgery. We hope that you'll be ready to leave around about the time we'll be headed to the hospital. Have a peaceful night!