Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cute Miles stuff

Two things Miles said today that were cool :)

We were talking about getting haircuts for the boys and he said "Oh, I love haircuts!"

We went out for ice cream instead. On the way home he was upset that we wouldn't be watching a movie. He said "I like movies cause if somebody has to go potty we can just pause it. Or if I have to go potty, or anybody has to go potty, we could pause it. And I love to pause it."

He is so cute :)

update...let's see...

We had the evaluation for PPCD and he definitely qualifies because of health stuff but they said he is probably too smart. I don't think they will hold that against him - at least I hope not.

The heart cath will be Friday, July 18th. I am nervous, but I think that is normal (right? please say yes :) He is doing really well health wise. He has a bit of a cough so we have been doing breathing treatments to keep him healthy. For the next three weeks we gotta keep him healthy. I will just die if he gets sick and can't have the cath after all this waiting and build up.

Riley is doing very well. He is really enjoying his summer at the YMCA - except the swimming part. He has not enjoyed that at all. He is a bit scared of the water (takes after his mommy - yes, I am 32 and I cannot swim). Sean has been taking both boys swimming and they have been enjoying it - at least I think so - I have not been swimming all summer.

I hope everyone is having a great summer!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are having such a great summer! I hope the heart cath goes well - and yes it is totally normal to be nervous. We'll be sending prayers your way.