Thursday, July 24, 2008

All Done!!!

Superb was the word used by the cardiologist! He said everything went very well! The hole turned out to be 8mm (I thought it was 5mm), but it is closed now :) He said his conduit looked great! A gradient of 15mm (someone please tell me just what that means, lol!). When he closed the hole with the balloon to test it there was NO change in his pressures! Right now he is in recovery and being a bit of a pill. His pulse ox was 91 when we got in there but should go up when he wakes up all the way - that is lower than his norm before today but we are hoping for 100%. He fussed with the oxygen so they took it off. He is pretty ed but will be better when he wakes up (hopefully). At least 6hrs in recovery and if all goes well then they will send us home. It depends on whether or not he starts puking or anything like that. I took his picture but can't upload from the library at the hospital so those will have to wait. Okay, back to my to all!

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