Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Today started at 4 am when Miles needed the breathing treatment. Next I had to be at the Woman's Hospital for a (yucky) ultrasound of my stupid enlarged ovary. That went well too. The radiologist didn't come and talk to me this time. The tech said, "They'll come and talk to you if you have something life threatening or something like that." Me - "She came and talked to me last time." Tech - "Oh, well, it looks better this time." (Does this mean that it was life threatening last time?) Then my docs office called and said that my results won't be back this week! Must be okay, that is not a bad thing. Maybe all of my pain was my lovely little cyst bursting.

On to Mr. Miles...When he had his breathing treatment this morning it sounded like he was trying to breathe through something like fiberglass - if that makes sense. And my mother-in-law said that before his Noon treatment he was breathing rather quick and shallow. BUT...Daddy took him to his appointment today and we did not get admitted. Dr. Tiwari said he sounded better to her and his pulse ox was 95. Continue with the Xopenex and start to wean him off this weekend. Finish the steroid - putrid stuff! Follow up the week of Thanksgiving. We are SO glad to hear this!!! He is such a trooper! He took his prednisolone tonight so well! He puked after the first drop - I am not kidding, it was only a drop. But I got him some water and we did it in 3 shots! I am so proud of my little man and how well he does with his meds! He has had such a rough week. Hopefully we will get some sleep tonight. One thing the doc said is that the cough will last at least another month (that stinks!). Today I had a familiar feeling...well a few of them. You other heart parents can probably identify with this. The build up - stress, stress, stress...worry, worry...what if...why...argh!...apprehension...on edge...exhaustion...(enter good report from doctor)...elation...then a bit of unexplainable something...probably a buildup of the adrenaline and stress...extreme exhaustion...then guilt for wanting to have him admitted...adoration for my strong boy...disbelief at how much crap he has been through and can still look at me and smile and say "Mama ome now!" and give be big hugs. I am so proud to be Riley and Miles mom!

btw...Riley will be 5 on the 20th!!! We are so super excited! Bring on the Superman party!


Sarah said...

So glad to hear the doc thinks that Miles is doing better. Definately can identify with the extremes of emotions! Happy Birthday Riley on the 20th - my b-day is the 23rd!

Krystal said...

Oh, Miles, Miles, Miles!! He goes through so much, you definitely have reason to be proud! Happy Birthday to Riley :)