Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And we are off...

our rockers!

Not that that isn't true but it isn't really what you are here for now is it? :)

We are off ... of the steroid and the antibiotics and only using the Xopenex when needed. The last few nights Miles has not been himself...or has he been himself and he is much more rotten than I remember. We follow up on Friday. The only remaining concern (beside the ones I have every day - all day) is his blood pressure. At the MRI, his BP was 132/63. She checked it again and either got the very same numbers or something very close to it. It was passed off as nerves. His BP has always been strange but is always passed off as nerves. So I will have it checked a few times in different situations to see what we get. I don't want to have yet another 'thing' for him.

We have our 2nd opinion for the gastro issues on the 4th and try number 3 for the MRI on the 12th.

But in the mean time...

We are off ... to Kentucky! I am so excited! I get to meet my niece Sydney and meet my brother-in-law Dustin. I am super excited about seeing my family and being cold! I have already figured out that at my sisters house Vanderbilt is the closest/best hospital for Miles and in Radcliff/E-town without question it is Kosairs. But hopefully we won't need them :)

I hope everyone has a safe and happy (and filling) Thanksgiving!


Sarah said...

Hoping you have a safe trip home and you know that I'm less than 30 minutes from E-Town so email me if you have a day when lunch is free and I would LOVE to meet you and Miles in person!!! It is getting pretty cold here so bundle up!

Krystal said...

Hey, have a great trip to KY!! We're just north of Lexington if you need us :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
The King Family ~ Las Vegas