Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Riley!!!

5 years old!!!!

Riley is 5 yrs old today and we are so proud! He really grew over the weekend as you can plainly see in his picture. There must be a BIG difference between 4 and 5! He had a great Superman party on Saturday with lots of friends and got a ton of superhero stuff! It has (of course) been non stop play time since! Thanks to everyone who came, we had a blast :)

On the Miles front...his BP on thursday, that I didn't think we could count, was 150/110. He was screaming but the ped said that it is high even though. His BP friday was 102/78, still high. We got a referal to a renal specialist or nephrology (if we must add another ology) and we were told to see the pc. The other things he is doing are: quick to sweat while playing or just sitting watching TV. He sweats all the time, just faster now. While sweaty, he gets clammy hands and face. And while playing sometimes he closes his eyes real tight and shakes his head a little, then opens his eyes and looks at you strange (like he is dizzy). Then today...He woke up really puffy. He didn't look like himself but was close to back to normal by lunch time.

I played phone tag with the pc today because I had to leave for an appointment - ovary is fine - no change - take b/c pills for 3 months to shrink the cyst - no biggie. When the ped heard that he was puffy she said take him to ER only if it is truly edema. Because he went back to normal, we decided that it wasn't really edema so we didn't go. I will start the game of tag over tomorrow. I am nervous with us leaving town on Wednesday with his latests 'developments' but I am sure we will be okay. There are lots of hospitals in between here and KY. Maybe we should avoid certain states (Arkansas for example) but we will be fine :) Posted by Picasa


GoofyJ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :) A day late. Hope all goes well for you guys. Miles continues to be in our prayers and thoughts.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Will pray for safe traveling and hopefully no visits to any dr.'s for Miles while in KY. - if something does come up I believe we have the BEST pc in town so give me a call if you need to. I'm going to call you and try to meet up if at all possible (Fri. evening is our Thanksgiving w/ my parents so it might be impossible but I hope I get to meet you guys!!!