Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just a warning...this is going to be a little gross...

I went to the ENT today. They said that they needed to do a little procedure to drain my sinuses. I asked the nurse ahead of time if it would hurt, do I need someone to drive me, can I go back to work??? She assured me that it was "No Big Deal, they just spray some stuff in your nose, that's all." Well let me tell you that it was a big deal, and they don't just spray stuff in your nose! First he sprayed what smelled like Nickelodeon Gak in my nose. Then he put a needle into each nostril and gave me a shot of some numbing meds, that stung! Then the took a pokey thing, um...a drill maybe...or a screwdriver...and stuck that in my nose. He then started to twist it into my sinus!! I said, "Wow, this is more than I expected!" (ya think!) When he broke through into my sinus cavity it was like when you just break through the drywall in the living room, the poking thing slid through into a hollow area (my brain, I can only assume). Then, yes there is more, he attached a syringe to it and pushed fluid into my sinus and it drained out into a bowl I was holding. Aren't I painting a lovely picture? He did the same to the other side. However, when he started that side, the numbing meds had worn off so I had to get another shot. THEN I had to get a shot of steroids in each hip. Got a new prescription for a nose spray (like I want anything else in there) and have to continue on my antibiotic and sinus flush at home.

Not only was that a big deal to me, but my face hurts! It feels like I had major dental work jaw feels tight and my teeth hurt. Plus I have a headache. I have to follow up next week to make sure we don't have to do it again!!! Again! Are you kidding me? He did say that if it isn't gone then a CT scan would be next.

On to a lighter note...I hope everyone had a happy 4th. Ours was pretty simple. Sean BBQ'd some brisket that was fabulous and we spent a great day at home. Sean & Riley went to see fireworks while Miles and I stayed home to avoid the crowds and mosquitoes. Miles and I played Hullabaloo which was really fun since he doesn't know his shapes or colors. He just stood where ever he wanted. He did do the silly walks like when it says "Fly to...a yellow" He would flap his little arms. OR "Spin to...a square" He would spin around right where he was. I have to say that was much better than any fireworks show. I just love the special time with my boys! They love their Daddy so much (and why wouldn't they) and want to play with him more than they want to play with me. But when I finally talk them into playing with me we have so much fun!

Talk to you next time!



Dan said...

Wow. Just... Wow. Remind me next time I get sinusitus to go see my doctor. I usually let it run it's course over a couple of weeks and get on with it (in true Man Fashion), but the thought of having a needle up my nose is enough to make me run to the docs!

Fingers crossed it's all better in the next few days!

Mom said...

YUCK! See you should listen to your mother! Don't shove peanuts up your noise in the first place and they won't clog up your brains.


Chris said...

Better you than me.... your loving big sis!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! My knees are weak after reading that....gave me "chicken skin."
Great Blog ~ cute family!!!!!!
Terri King, Matthew's mom in LV