Saturday, July 08, 2006

i promise we buy them paper!


GoofyJ said...

Hi! Thanks for coming by my blog, these photos are too adorable! :) And thanks for your comments, it is nice to know whether things are normal or not. :) I usually leave the pimples alone too, all except for one that gets big and red, reacurs, and usually doesn't come to a head. But it is the one that my ped told me to mess with, bring to a head and work the gunk out, and I am always surprised by the ammount of stuff that gets in that one little spot. I was curious to see though if little pimples were common or not, and it looks like they are (so, one less thing for me to worry about) :). Thanks for your input on my gagging question too, it is so hard to tell sometimes when to worry and when not too, etc. Well, I've rambled on quite a bit now, if you don't mind, I'd love to add you to my list of heart kids. Thanks again for coming by and leaving your input. :)

Dan said...

That's a lot of ink! hehehe
Tam has a thing for eating colouring pencils at the moment, and it's amazing how wet pencil draws on skin SO well!!

Anonymous said...

"Mommy, I can't help myself... I must COLOR!!!!!" You know... I'd look terrible with that much color on my face... but, Riley...he's just cuter!! I have to go really try to put that much color on my face... just to see. ----oh..that was a bad idea--- ms.jan.