Friday, July 10, 2009

No Answers so far...

Miles was released from the hospital yesterday with no answers. The summer camp/daycare he attends called and said that he was very flushed, glassy eyed, unsteady on his feet and slurring his words. Their dad and I rushed up there to get him/make sure he was okay. The teacher then told me that while we were on our way up there he said that his heart hurt and he needed someone to listen to it. He looked okay to me when I got there - quiet, calm, reading a book and singing sweetly - he was also not sweaty. We called the pediatrician who said to bring him to the hospital to check him out. Her concern was some sort of ingestion of something OR a partial seizure.

I love it when the doc calls ahead cause we got right into a room - not wait in the lobby. :) We figured they would listen to him, check his electrolytes, maybe check trileptal levels and send us home. They admitted him. Cardiology consulted and said they didn't think it was cardiac - we did an EKG just to be sure. The ER docs theory was Ischemia of the brain - not enough overall oxygen to the brain which caused it to seizure up a bit causing stroke like symptoms. Like a stroke without the blood clot. Neurology admitted him and wanted to see him in the morning. He had an uneventful night, they monitored his pulse ox which stayed steady at 95% or so.

Neurology said it did not sound like a seizure - the theory from him was a combination of things. He said if he has low cardiac out-put already (which I don't think he has) he may not profuse his body as well as others. Couple that with slight possible dehydration and you get strange neuro symptoms. (if he didn't profuse well - would his pulse ox stay that high?) We checked his electrolytes and they were normal - theory out the window. Neuro says it is cardiac.

Cardiology comes and looks at him and says he looks great (which he did). They put a holter on him and sent him home. We will follow up in clinic for an echo. We didn't do the echo while we were there because Miles was sick of being in the hospital and was not listening to anyone - at all. An echo would have been torturous!

So...sent home with no answers. One time yesterday while we were there Miles said his heart hurt again. I hope the holter will show something or that we can figure this out another way.

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