Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have no idea where the TCH ER put my child! He has not been himself - not even close! He won't pee, eat or drink. He has been inconsolable all day, screaming, talking in a very high pitched voice all day long, unsteady on his feet, drunk, babbling, talking about things that don't make sense or aren't possible. Right now he is taking off his clothes and turning over the footstool saying he doesn't want the top on it. He says he is thirsty but wont drink...I am going back to the ER to find my boy! (that was last night...)

So...we came in and he put on a real show for the docs! We were admitted for observation. He did pee at the ER which was good but he hasn't gone since. Their concerns were that his kidney's were not working because even though he hadn't gone potty, his bladder was not full, they are questioning whether or not he can metabolize ativan (supposed to be a pretty short lived med) and they looked at possible continuing seizure activity. He hasn't even really begun his normal postictal behavior. I did get him to eat a bit just a few minutes ago. This morning he poured his syrup for his breakfast all over his tray, put his french toast into his cereal, poured his water all over his tray and put his butter in the syrup container...but ate nothing. It has been pretty clear that there is something wrong with the boy. Hopefully we can get sprung today.

AND - some terrible person broke into my car and stole the DVD player. (pardon my language) grrr! AND then I still had to pay for parking!

...vacation all I ever wanted, vacation have to get away...


Anonymous said...

Ok - that is so rotten about the DVD player - I mean good grief, people whose cars are parked at a HOSPITAL are already having a hard enough time as it is, without being stolen from. GRRRRRR indeed.

I'm sorry about your boy - I hope they figure out a solution soon. We are praying for you and we hope you get home soon too.

Sarah said...

Stole the DVD player from the hospital garage??? I know how much those come in handy at the hospital... It all comes back, they will pay.
Praying for Miles and that they find out what is going on.