Saturday, May 24, 2008


All is well. Miles is doing great. Riley finishes kindergarten next week! Can you believe it!? I have started the process to have Miles evaluated for Pre-K (PPCD). (only a year late!)

The latest from the docs is that Miles' spleen is enlarged again - about 50% larger than it should be. We are looking at his blood to see what might be going on. He looks and acts JUST fine! He did puke at the movies yesterday - right out in front of the box office! Oh well, such is life. I am so used to puke and people staring at me and the big puddle of puke at my feet. Who cares :)

No big plans this holiday weekend. I am actually at the office making up some time from yesterday - Riley left school sick with a painful tummy. Seemed to be just fine when we got home. He said he wanted to go outside and play. I told him that if that is the case I will take him back to school so that he can participate in field day. He changed his mind and plopped down on the sofa.

I forgot! Miles cath will be July 14th to close the fenestration. (The schedule hasn't been confirmed yet)

I hope you all have a good holiday weekend...

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