Tuesday, May 06, 2008

another seizure...

I was woken up this morning by Sean saying there was something wrong with Miles. It was 5:28 (I overslept a little). When he went in to check on the boys whenever he got up Miles was face down in a bunch of vomit and had peed the bed. He was rigid and non responsive - staring off. When I got up he was certainly seizing. I called the pediatricians office first - after I went to the car to get the diastat - which I couldn't find. When the guy picked up i said I think I need to call 911. So we did. I had to go wait in the parking lot for them - this complex is sooo big! The guys that showed up seemed competent but for some reason they called another crew to come in. That is when things went south! They took a bit to asses him and get him out to the ambulance. Then they couldn't figure out how much diazepam to give him - I'm not used to working with kids he kept saying. He got on the radio and asked for a supervisor - no supervisor to be found. He tells me that he is relatively new and is used to riding with someone and that the 'basic' that was with us is from another station so they don't know each other very well. His heart rate is about 189 or so and his pulse ox was hovering in the 80's. They put him on oxygen and got an IV started. (still no decision on the dosage) He called someone to get help for what the dosage should be. That guy came back with 1.4ml and he didn't agree! Meanwhile Miles' seizure is getting worse - in full convulsions now - pulse ox down to about 71%. I say - his seizure is getting worse if you are interested! He peed on himself again and then vomited into the oxygen mask. It took at LEAST 45 minutes to leave the parking lot of my complex. THEN the 'basic' goes the wrong way! Anyone from Houston can tell you that from 290 you take 610 to 59 to get to the hospital, right? So this guy takes a side street, 43rd street about 4miles east to I-45, south to loop 610 west - around to where my street hits the freeway! then 610 to 59 to 288 to MacGregor to the hospital - - this took an extra 30 minutes AT LEAST! We called them at 5:35 or so in the morning and pulled into TCH at 7am! Then the 'basic' pulls in the wrong way into the ambulance bay and the guy with me in the back tells him to pull out and re park - I tell them - it doesn't matter, lets just go in! So when we got there the hospital was GREAT! We had Kenya as our nurse who we have had before and she was so great with him. He stopped seizing on his own after lets say 2hrs or so - he never had any meds cause the guy never figured out the dosage! When they asked for vitals he said - Oh, I left them in the truck. He had written them on his glove and then when Miles puked he threw his gloves away!! He had put nothing down on paper - well on the back of the EKG read out he took some notes. I got the to call and complain. He was SO not ready to be out on his own! This is the first time I have had issues with HFD EMS - they were great the last time we had them. The lack of confidence on his part was astounding!

So, to conclude...Miles was observed for a bit, took a chest x-ray to make sure he didn't aspirate, and checked his trileptal levels. All was good - they said it was just a 'break through' seizure. So we are upping his meds again! He is at 4mls now and will go to 4.5 this week and up to 6mls next week. His pulse ox hovered around 90% without oxygen which is low for him but okay. His heart rate never came below 130 which is a bit high, he is usually about 117 or so. He is resting sweetly in my bed and we will follow up with our doc in 2 or 3 days.

I guess he won't be sleeping alone anymore! I would rather he puke on my head than drown in his own vomit!


Sarah said...

OMG - poor Miles... poor Mommy - I can't imagine dealing with that. You probably remained much calmer and in control than I would have. I hope that your call makes them insure all their employees are ready for anything at anytime.

Nancy said...

Wow... what a horrible experience! I'm so sorry Miles is having more seizures and the incompetence of the EMS guy just ticks me off! I'm glad you called and complained. Maybe you should ask Miles's pediatrician how much diazepam he should be given and write it down - just in case this ever happens again.

I'm glad that he is home and resting... and I hope you are too.
(((hugs))) to you and Miles.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I sm glad he is ok and home now - the incompetance really bothered me too and I am glad you called and complained. I have the same hopes as Sarah.