Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Doh Hop!"

This is a very special post just for Aunt Christy!!!

Sean's whole family went to TCU (Go Frogs!). His mom, his dad, his sister (Christy), his uncles Bobby and Collins, his cousins....and so on. Very purple family! Although Sean went to the Art Institute, we root for the Horned Frogs too. I think we would be exiled from the family if we didn't!

One of the first things that both of my children have now learned to say is "Go Frogs!" Riley would say it and even do the hand 'frog' thing, and now Miles just said it on Sunday. TCU was playing football and Sean said "Go Frogs!" so in turn on his own Miles said, "Doh Hop!" We had to call Aunt Christy and tell her right away! Now he says it everyday.

We love you Aunt Christy! :)


Christy said...

AWESOME!! I Love my nephews!! (you guys too)I may never say "Go Frogs" again with out thinking of Miles.
"Doh Hop"

GoofyJ said...

Haven't heard anything from you guys in a long time. Just stopping by to say hi, thinking about you, and hoping that everything is ok. :)

Sarah said...

Ditto... Have seen a few post on the yahoo group so I'm hopeful everything is going okay.