Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cardiology Check-up

We just got home from our heart check up. Miles did so well - I am SO PROUD OF HIM!!! He stayed so still throughout the whole echo, he was amazing! We practiced again last night - it paid off! He did such a good job with the EKG too! Last time we went they didn't get an EKG because he screamed too much. He was a model patient today! If you have Child Life at your hospital, you should really check it out! It has been a life saver!

Down to the results...The regurgitation in his pulmonary valve has gone from moderate to severe. He said not to worry about this as children can have pretty bad regurgitation for a long time before it does anything to their hearts. The conduit has "a little bit" of narrowing, but again we shouldn't worry about this. The pc said we could get a couple more years out of both the conduit and the valve. The fenestration (or hole they made in his heart during the last surgery) is 5mm - a medium size hole. He said that too can stay a little longer. He said it looks like Miles can be surgery free for a couple more years!!!! We are so excited about this! He was such a good kid today, the reward he has requested is cake - so cake he shall have :)

Cute Miles sayings: When we pulled into the church parking lot on Sunday I said, "We are here at church" Miles says "This place makes my heart happy!" WOW!!! Today when we got to the hospital he says "This place makes my heart happy!" I explained to him that both of these statements are true!!! So today all of our hearts are happy! I was scared that they were going to say things were bad but we are so glad to not need anything for a while. Lets hope it stays that way!

They did have one concern...This time last year Miles was 88cm tall. Today Miles is 88cm tall. He has not grown even one cm in a whole year!! He has gained weight but not gotten any taller. He has gone from the 50th percentile in height to below the 5th. We have to keep a close eye on this or we will need to go see an endocrinologist to test his growth hormones. He is pretty short...Will be three next month and is still in *some* 18 month pants but mostly 24 month.

Thanks for checking in on us! We love to read your messages :)

The Suggs bunch


Sarah said...

Great news! Way to go Miles for being such a good patient. 18mths-24mths pants - Evan can spare some height Miles - he is in the 90% for his height - he's had such a growth spurt this year he is requiring another cath.

Krystal said...

YAY for Miles for being such a good patient!!! The practice visits sound like such a good idea, I am sure that made he feel much more comfortable. I hope that Miles does start to grow so that you guys don't have any worries, but Brayden Boy says there is nothing wrong with being a shortcake :) We're just happy to get on the growth charts :)

Terri said...

That is great news!
It's always nice when they are "good" huh! Matthew was a bit grumpy during last ECHO... it's hard!!

Anonymous said...

Yay miles! :) Jacob can spare some height and weight - that beafy little boy is in the 94% for height and weight - he is huge. :)

I am so glad he did such an awesome job, and I just love the "heart happy" quotes - adorable. :)